A battle for souls

Coming when it's done to Windows PC

Demons with Shotguns

About Demons with Shotguns

The battle between Heaven and Hell has been going on for so long, no one really remembers why, let alone when, it started. Alas, both sides are desperate for souls that can be used to strengthen their numbers. Their desperation takes them to the mortal realm, where Angels and Demons fight for the souls of mankind.

Up to four players will fight against each other in multiple game modes to help tip the scales in their factions favor. Armed with a powerful double barrel shotgun, blast your way through your opponents, unleashing their souls for to you collect, and bathe in the rain of their blood and gibs!

Local Multiplayer

Up to four players can fight with multiple characters to choose from. Play as the faithless Priest, the desperate Demon, the Heavenless Angel or even Death himself.

Multiple Game Modes

Deathmatch, Capture the Soul, Last Soul Standing and more!

Tarot Cards

Harness the power of randomly dropped Tarot Cards. You never know what luck or misfortune they will bring.

Master Your Shield

Master the use of your shield to defend yourself against your opponents. Use it wisely, however, as it'll crumble in your hands after deflecting too many shots!